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In Memoriam Donations
PAST Foundation is grateful for the leadership and generosity of our STEM community leaders. We offer scholarship and funding opportunities to donate in honor of the important and much-loved members of the PAST tribe, including the Chad Raymond Memorial Scholarship and the Beverly Ann Erwin “Bev’s Garden” memorial.


PAST assists in building a holistic, STEM education so that teachers can easily build programs across content areas with on-site support, online assistance or immersive experiences to address real world issues to engage students and teachers in a learning partnership. The team offers a variety of professional development opportunities for administrators, teachers, and community partners to build sustainable programs tailored to the needs of your school’s unique culture.

STEM Action Center
Want to help support STEM innovation in Ohio Schools? The OSLN Central Ohio STEM Action Center is the nuclei of regional STEM Activity. We facilitate partnerships that amplify and accelerate existing STEM programs within the region. We share resources with regional STEM collaborators, including Ohio’s 26 K-8 STEM Programs of Excellence, and facilitate partnerships with local entities representing K-12, higher education, community and business.

Girls Who Lead

Want to help empower girls and young women? Then Join our #GirlsWhoLead movement. Your donation will support young women pursuing STEM careers, encouraging them to become global leaders. Like and follow Girls Who Lead on FaceBook and Instagram and tell your story. Together we help provide equal opportunities and access.

PAST Innovation Lab

Your contribution will help support our state-of-the art educational R&D lab. PAST’s Innovation Lab enables us to support immersive learning experiences for students by including business, industry, and the community in the educational framework.

Student Programs

Want to support our innovative student programs? Then choose our student Bridge Programs. These programs are designed to bridge the gap between formal education and workforce development by helping students practice life skills like problem-solving, collaboration and critical thinking – which are important to their future success. From design challenges, summer programs, afterschool programs and scholarships, you can rest assured that your donation will be put to good use.

Bev’s Garden 

Bev’s Garden is a community garden that recognizes one of PAST many supporters, Beverly Ann Erwin. Bev was a teacher for 37 years making an impact on thousands of students helping them understand what was important in life. Your donation will be used to grow and sustain this floral memorial which is tended by students.

It’s Easy to Pledge — Just Choose Your Project

Help us build better education today, for tomorrow. Donate today and make a difference!

Want to make a donation that has an impact for our future leaders? We have opportunities for our supporters to offer their time, talents and financial resources. If you believe in our work and want to participate in our innovative programs, you can volunteer or become a mentor, enroll your children in our Bridge Programs, provide funding to support our programs, or provide student scholarships. Just let us know how you want to CONNECT to Play!

Make Your Pledge Today

You can make a single contribution or monthly contributions throughout the year. If you want to be an annual sustaining supporter, just let us know. We can make that happen also!

Donate Your Time, Talents and Treasures

You can donate equipment or make in-kind, intellectual, or sweat equity pledges. You may even want to contribute in a way we have not considered … just let us know what you are thinking. We are always open to new ideas! Contact PAST

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Make a Difference

Our work over the last 21 years has provided us with a wealth of experiences across 36 states and includes recognitions by the US Department of Education and by Smart Business magazine for our innovative practices. Commit today to helping us make an even bigger difference in education!

Thank you for your donation!


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