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Let's work together to innovate meaningful and culturally relevant programs.

We collaborate with educators, administrators, businesses and industry nationwide to create innovative strategies designed to give real meaning to educational content.

PAST works collaboratively with educators, administrators, and businesses and industry to co-create innovative strategies designed to give real meaning to educational content through:

• School design for districts
• Professional development for educators and professionals
• Hybrid teaching models as innovative teaching methods
• Student programs, design challenges & workshops
• Learning Labs in partnership with business & industry
• Ethnographic analytical tools to provide statistical research

Opportunities for Educators

STEMthusiasts – A Community of Practice for Teachers

The Past Foundation, ESCCO, the Central Ohio Hub of the Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN), and our partners want to make sure that we nurture and feed STEM instructor’s needs for the continuation of design thinking, even in a remote environment. Join us in a community of practice forum where we look at best practices, share designs for engaged inquiry in a remote setting, and augment your ability to promote creative problem solving using design thinking practices.

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Central Ohio STEM Action Center

The OSLN Central Ohio STEM Action Center is the nuclei of regional STEM Activity. We facilitate partnerships that amplify and accelerate existing STEM programs within the region.  We share resources with regional STEM collaborators, including Ohio’s 26 K-8 STEM Programs of Excellence, and facilitate partnerships with local entities representing K-12, higher education, community and business. Each hub leverages these relationships to connect and spread STEM efforts throughout its region.

PAST Research

The PAST Research Team conducts internal (in-house) and external evaluation, monitoring program reliability through a culturally relevant, mixed methods approach. Our ethnographic methodology includes structured observations, interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and online surveys. We report out through engaging presentations that demonstrate your work.


Student Experiences

The PAST Student Experience team builds STEM summer programs, after school programs, and host community events that engage students in collaboration with professionals and community partners for real world issues.

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