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Together Let’s Rethink Work in the 21st Century!

Re-envisioning how we think about work requires innovative ideas and engaging community partnerships. For over 17 years, the PAST Foundation has been Partnering Anthropology with Science & Technology to solve real life problems. We are an innovative group that is ready to help companies imagine and understand how to take aspiration to practice.

'PAST is truly a remarkable group of thinkers and innovators. Partnering with them to create their space, PAST Innovation Lab is a place where ideas come to fruition.'

- Todd Boyer, Principal - WSA Studio

WHY Culture:

Understanding Your Community & Culture

Creating a vibrant company requires a holistic approach to community and culture.  Vibrant companies are partners in your community. Your culture is the why you do what you do. Understanding why you do what you do is critical for your success and the reason you exist.

HOW Diversity:

Recognizing the Strengths of Diversity

Diversity brings the power of different perspectives to problem-solving. Embracing diversity creates flexibility and agility within a company. How do you define and embrace diversity to help your company set itself apart from the competition?

WHAT Distance:

Redefining Distance for Your Employees

Distance is no longer defined by miles or kilometers; it is a state of mind. Utilizing technology to span physical and perceived distances taps into the full potential of a company’s brain trust. So what services and products are offered has changed significantly in recent years.

Combining financial savvy, board support & outstanding executive leadership, The PAST Innovation Lab was born.

"The PAST Foundation now has a new stream of mission-aligned rental income and an incredible space it can use to hold community events, build its volunteer pipeline, solicit contributed support, and build its brand in the community."

Tony R. Wells Foundation
– The PAST Foundation Case Study 

Let PAST Be Your Thinking Partner

With over 17 years of design-thinking experience, PAST’s Ideation team can help you connect your ideas and take them to action! We work with companies in various ways including:

  • consulting services

  • brainstorming workshops

  • leading team-building events

  • conducting evidence-based research

  • creating customized cutting-edge events

Our experience is wide and varied:

  • working 29 states and internationally

  • formulating hundreds of community partnerships

Our recent innovation awards include:

  • USDOE for Excellence in Innovation 2016

  • Smart 50 Top Innovation Award 2016

Give us a call today or complete our form and let’s get started on building your amazing tomorrow today!

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