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About Learning Unboxed

We’ve started the recording for #LearningUnboxed, a conversation about teaching, learning and the future of work. We have thousands of visitors a year to the #PASTInnovationLab and frequently hear people comment that the global education system is broken.

But I would argue that in fact, the education is not broken. It’s just no longer relevant – we spend billions of dollars annually trying to fix something that’s not actually broken. Our current education system is functioning exactly as it was designed 100 years ago. The problem is that the current system is obsolete.

Thus, Learning Unboxed aims to talk about how we reimagine, rethink and redesign our global education system.

  • 030 | Teaching Through Your Passion to Create Passionate Students
    Kelly Preheim
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  • 029 | Talent Crisis & Career Opportunities: Inspiring the Next Generation of Agricultural Enthusiasts
    Chris Baker & Marissa Mulligan
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  • 028 | Getting Your Feet Wet with Marine Sciences: A Creative & Transformative Education Program from South Africa
    Russell Stevens
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  • 027 | Van Gogh Museum: Creating Engaging & Tactile Learning Experiences Through Play
    René Van Blerk
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  • 026 | The Role of Museums in Cultivating Creativity
    Cindy Foley
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  • 025 | Infusing Art into Education to Make Learning Fun & Cooperative
    Amanda Schaeffer & Neel Mawalkar
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  • 024 | How an Innovative Post-Secondary Music Industry Career Program is Impacting the K-12 Space
    Nicholas Burgett and Dwight Heckleman
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  • 023 | Getting Out of the Classroom & Into the Field
    Sheli Smith and Pam Burns Hayes
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  • 022 | Clackamas Middle College: Dare to Step Out to Meet the Needs of Your Kids
    Brian Sien
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  • 021 | STEMcoding: Reimaging STEM Education
    Chris Orban & Richelle Teeling-Smith
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  • 020 | The Highs & Lows of Creating Transformative Educational Programs like Middle College
    Greg Giauque, Kaelle Daugherty, & Isabella Sarro
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  • 019: What Is Middle College Like? A Teacher’s Perspective
    Jon Robertson and Kat Barr
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  • 018: Middle College a Win Win Win for Students Communities Schools
    Claudia Lampman, Holly Martinson, Luke Almon, Greg Giauque
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  • 017: Systemic STEM Transformation
    Karl Rectanus
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  • 016: The Role of Invention in Education
    Robin Hilsmeier & Jim Bruner
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  • 015: Energy Education: How to Create Opportunities for Problem-Based Learning in Classrooms
    Kat Deaner & Ryan Prestel
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  • 014: Strategies That Engage Minds (STEM): The Value of Internships in High School
    Meka Pace & Vanessa Jester
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  • 013: Creating Informal Learning Opportunities Even Informal Learning Environments
    With Kim Kiehl
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  • 012: Explorer At Large: Engaging, Inspiring, and Educating Kids Through Curiosity & Adventure
    with Josh Bernstein & Mike Schott
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  • 011: #STEMFeedsOhio: How Design Challenges Empower Students to Solve Problems & Contextualize Learning
    with Jeanne Gogolski & Heather Sherman
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  • 010: Girls Rule, STEM’s Cool: How Robotics Teaches Students How to Live
    with Fatima Bainazar, Melissa Olvera, and Elizabeth Drake
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  • 009: Investing in Girls’ Voices, Opinions, & Confidence
    with Lisa Hinkelman
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  • 008: Shadowbox Live: Multidisciplinary Education with a Rock Aesthetic
    Stacie Boord & Nick Wilson
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  • 007: Learning with SOLE: Education for the 21st Century
    Jeff McClellan
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  • 006: Entrepreneurship in Education
    Kevin Gadd
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  • 005: Robotics in K-12: Helping Students Make Decisions, Solve Problems, & Experience the World
    Angela Hattman & Audrey Strickling
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  • 004: Robotics, Design Thinking, & Engineering in Education
    Andy Bruening & Tyler Hertenstein
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  • 003: Columbus Idea Foundry: A Makerspace for Learning, Collaboration, & Mischief
    Alex Bandar
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  • 002: Engineers Helping Educators (& Other Partnerships for Reimagining Education)
    Rich Rosen
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  • 001: New Schools as a Startup: Creating Ohio’s First STEM School & a Platform for Innovation
    Marcy Raymond & Jack McClintock
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  • Intro: Teaching, Learning, & The Future of Work
    Annalies Corbin
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The series launched February 11, 2019. Meet me on social media @AnnaliesCorbin and be part of the conversation as we #StandUp, #StepBack and #LeanIn to reimagine education.
A giant thank you to our partners #WOSUPublicMedia and #CrateMedia for helping us with this lift. – Annalies Corbin



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