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029 | Talent Crisis & Career Opportunities: Inspiring the Next Generation of Agricultural Enthu

When people talk about education, they rarely talk about agricultural education — but there are infinite possibilities for careers that are available to explore! Today we’re joined by two people who are well prepared to guide us through the potential that exists in this space: Chris Baker, Executive Director of the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation, and Marissa Mulligan, Extension Educator with 4-H Youth Development and the Explore Ag Program within Ohio State Extension.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, the state’s largest membership organization focused on agricultural producers, commodity groups, small organic farmers, and the large row crop operations.

Ohio State Extension interprets knowledge and research developed by Extension and other faculty and staff to use the scientifically based information to better their lives, businesses and communities. The Extension system is the world’s largest non-formal educational system.

Almost universally across the board, everybody is in a tight spot when it comes to labor. The Explore Ag Program’s goal is to meet the labor needs of everyone within the farm and food community in regards to labor, including generating interest in the next generation of workers.

We unbox:

  1. The labor crisis as it affects agricultural producers

  2. Engaging kids through summer camp presented through an agricultural lens

  3. Programs with big economic impacts

  4. How food science and agriculture relate

  5. Translating education experiences and interest into the workplace

  6. Taking a singular experience and making it mainstream

  7. Building your own Explore Ag-style program


  1. Learn more at

  2. Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation:


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