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034 | Engineering Creativity Through Music | with Bill Manchester

We are once again on the road, this time in Bexley, Ohio! We had the opportunity to meet Bill Manchester, a 16th year music teacher at Cassingham Elementary School, and he does some truly amazing things with his students in music class.

Kids in his class don’t just learn how to read sheet music. In a single day, they were recording a story, creating a soundtrack, learning the lines, playing instruments, cutting podcasts, and recording.

Bill has always hated the idea of wasting kids’ time. He didn’t want music class to be seen as a filler class or time waster for students, so he worked hard to make something more out of it. He is passionate about teaching kids not just music, but everything, using the lens of musical performance and production.

We unbox:

  1. Learning through a lens of music

  2. Keeping up with rapidly advancing technology

  3. Teaching students on a need-to-know basis

  4. Working with other teachers to cooperate

  5. Giving kids a game plan for the future

  6. Developing skills for your career now

  7. The future of teaching, and whether you should be a teacher



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