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Show Notes for Learning Unboxed Season 01 Episode 09: Lisa Hinkelman

Show Notes for Learning Unboxed Season 01 Episode 09: Lisa Hinkelman

009 | Investing in Girls’ Voices, Opinions, & Confidence | with Lisa Hinkelman


  1. I realized that the issues that are impacting girls – these drops in confidence, and their challenges in relationships with one another, and their limited aspirations about what they can become – are tied together. They’re not disparate ideas that are impacting girls. They’re connected based on the the world view, the lens, and the messaging that girls are getting.

  2. We can help girls shift their ideas of themselves, skills, abilities, and competencies so that they can navigate the challenges that they’ll face differently.

  3. The way that we do education in our country focuses first on academic outcomes and second on everything else that a kid is.

  4. How do we can make connections between what girls are experiencing and how they’re viewing themselves and their opportunities, and then show how that impacts academic outcomes?

  5. We have a confidence challenge in this crisis for girls, and we are not addressing how that is impacting all of the decisions that they’re making.

  6. You can have the highest levels of intelligence, but if you don’t have the belief in your own ability, then you’re going to underperform.

  7. What are we doing to our kids if we’re telling them that who they are and what they can become is secondary to how they perform on a particular test?

  8. What if we thought about our role as helping kids develop and produce a life that they love?

Show Notes

Short Form (Apple Podcasts) Today’s guest is an educator, a counselor, a researcher, an author, an advocate, a mentor, a creative thinker, a community changer, an amazing entrepreneur, and a change agent in the lives of girls around the country. Dr. Lisa Hinkelman has spent nearly fifteen years researching girls and educating counselors as both as a professor at The Ohio State University and as the founder and CEO of Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX), and we are so happy to have her on the show. We know that there won’t be a better future without the practitioners who are on the ground day-to-day, in schools, working with kids, getting folks ready to be the next great citizens in our world – but they need to know about the great case studies that can inform practices and decision-making on the local level. We need people to guide conversations about teaching, learning, and the future of work, and, certainly, Dr. Hinkelman and ROX are part of that. To learn more, visit:


Learning Unboxed is produced in part by Crate Media Recorded by Eric French at WOSU Studios in Columbus, Ohio


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