bridge programs

The PAST Bridge Program team designs, tests and implements a variety of summer programs, design challenges, and after school programs.

These programs and challenges engage students and link learning to life in a fun and unique manner in collaboration with professionals and community partners with real world issues. Throughout our programs participants are introduced to and encouraged to apply skills that help make the transition from classroom to career seamless.

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Design Challenges

Design Challenges are intended to grab both student and teacher interests and passions. They are designed to model how rigorous content can be blended with student engagement, challenging the view that learning can’t or shouldn't be fun!

Summer Programs

Immersive summer programs give students an opportunity to apply education in real world settings. Over an extended period of time, usually one week, expert directors take students on adventures to learn in multiple settings about a variety of content areas.

After School

After School Programs at PAST offer a variety of activities and choices for students to pursue different interests they may have outside of a traditional school setting. Students will experience a balance of learning and fun through a variety of experiences.