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Cassie Davis

Research Assistant

(Fact Forager)

Cassie earned a Bachelor of Science in Medical Anthropology from The Ohio State University in 2022 and joined the PAST Foundation’s Research team in 2023, as a Research Assistant. She has a passion for using anthropology as a foundation for research that creates beneficial impacts in our community. Cassie has previous research experience through her thesis work at The Ohio State University, as well as a research intern here at the PAST Foundation and archaeology fieldwork experience in the Midwest and Poland.

As the Fact Forager, she uses her skills to collect, analyze, and report on data, contributing to our communal knowledge of STEM programming and identity. She is honored to be a part of PAST’s mission of expanding innovative approaches to STEM education. In her free time, Cassie enjoys being active, spending time outside, and seeking out new experiences through travel.

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