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Javier Cruz

Graphic Design & Video Production Engineer

(Digital Auteur)

Javier is currently a senior at the Metro Early College High School and intern at PAST as part of the Ohio Department of Education’s Youth-Pre Apprenticeship program.

His passions include sports, music, and visual arts. His college courses focus on graphic design and visual art. Along with these classes, his internship at PAST has helped him gain experience in working as a graphic designer.  Javier is a strong believer that hard work is the best way to achieve your goals.

In his free time, Javier plays soccer and swims year-round. Music is a strong influence in his life and feels inspired by hearing the intricacies and inspiration behind a great song or album. Although he does not play an instrument, he enjoys contributing to the music world through mixing and mastering music.

The Ohio Department of Education’s Youth-Pre Apprenticeship program is a collaborative partnership between a school and registered apprenticeship sponsor that provides students with exposure to the work environment.

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