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Jessa Goldner

Assistant Director of Student Experiences

(Explorer Extraordinaire)

Jessa has dedicated her post college career to National Service and spent the past three years engaging with and assisting diverse communities throughout the country. This work was inspired by her time at The Ohio State University.

Jessa found a love for informal education while working at Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont as a Community Engagement Coordinator. In this role she gained experience in leading hands-on routines of learning and the importance the outdoors play in an individual’s health and well being.

Jessa is passionate about utilizing the natural world as a learning laboratory and as a place to expand on social and emotional competencies in order to create more authentic leaders. She desires to bring these routines to students and working to bring more environmental and natural history programs to PAST programming.

Jessa received a B.S. in Anthropological Sciences and continues to solve problems using the methods and ideas she learned while completing her degree. In her free time, Jessa likes to go hiking, embroider, see live music, and eat great food.

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