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Kelleigh Huey

STEM Experience Instructor

(Academic Alchemist)

Kelleigh Huey is a Student Experience Instructor at the PAST Foundation and known as the Academic Alchemist! Kelleigh started her work with PAST in 2022 as a Summer Experience Instructor. Throughout her education, Kelleigh found she had an interest and a passion for innovation and a love for all things STEM. This, combined with her love of kids and learning, led her to the PAST Foundation, where she sought to make a difference in STEM education. In her position, she hopes to spread her passion for STEM topics and be an inspiration and a role-model for the young people she leads.

In her free time, Kelleigh enjoys gardening and learning more about agriculture and caring for the environment, crafting, and spending time with her friends and family. Some of her favorite activities include painting, making blankets, playing with her dogs, and watching movies.

Kelleigh pursued her love of STEM in her college studies and received a B.S. in Biology with a minor in chemistry. She attained her degree from The Ohio State University in 2022 and plans to continue learning in the future by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science.

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