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019 | What’s Middle College Like? A Student & Teacher’s Perspective | with John Robertson &#038

In the last episode, we sat down with four of the innovative educators and administrators behind the Alaska Middle College program to discuss what Middle College is and why they’re so effective at improving student outcomes. Today, we’re talking to a teacher and student from Mat-Su Middle College School, the first Middle College school in Alaska, to learn what both students and teachers love about the program.

Our guests are John Robertson, a Social Studies and English teacher at the Mat-Su Middle College School, and Kat Barr, a junior currently attending Mat-Su Middle College.

We unbox:

  1. Why Middle College is appealing to students, emotionally and intellectually

  2. How the Mat-Su Middle College program has evolved in the years since it was created

  3. How John provides support for Middle College students, helping them get used to the schedule and expectations of college courses

  4. Privacy at Middle College

  5. The impressive student success data from Mat-Su Middle College

  6. What you need to know if you want start a Middle College program



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