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022 | Clackamas Middle College: Dare to Step Out to Meet the Needs of Your Kids | with Brian Sien

Today, we are continuing our tour of early access programs that help children transition into post-secondary, often blurring the lines of that traditional high school to college transition in the process. We’ve luckily had the privilege of seeing and exploring some of these programs in other areas of the country and world, and we think getting a view of everything that people are doing now is a really important part of making these programs even better in the future.

Our guest is Brian Sien, who is the current Principal of Clackamas Middle College, a fabulous school outside of Portland, Oregon. Brian is an innovative leader in this space who has been heavily involved in transformative education, in a variety of ways, throughout his experience in both traditional and charter public schools. He has a passion for working with students, teachers, administrators, and state leaders to provide seamless transitions from K12 education into post-secondary for all stakeholders – something that you might know we are extremely passionate about, too!

We unbox:

  1. Clackamas Middle College’s 17 year legacy

  2. How they blend aspects of middle colleges and early colleges

  3. How Clackamas Middle College’s “scaffolding” program help students successfully transition to full-time college, regardless of where they start

  4. Creating the Pathway to College program in partnership with a college

  5. How everyone at Clackamas Middle College collaborated to create the school’s culture

  6. Their impressive graduation statistics

  7. How you can apply some of these principles in a traditional school setting

  8. Daring to step out to meet the needs of your kids



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