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025 | Infusing Art Into Education to Make Learning Fun & Cooperative | with Amanda Schaeffer &#

Today, we have a wonderful teacher and a student joining us today, Amanda Schaeffer and Neel Mawalkar.

Amanda is an art teacher out of Hilliard City Schools, which is one of the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. She teaches both Art and Ecology, very STEAM-focused, in part of Hilliard City Schools Innovation Learning Campus.

Neel is a 10-year old student who just finished up the 5th grade at Wickliffe Elementary School, which is also in the suburbs of Columbus in Upper Arlington. Next year, Neel is going to be celebrating his journey into middle school, and he wants to be a scientist one day when he grows up.

Amanda is a great practitioner in both formal and informal education, and she has such a passion for art and for teaching. We try to tap into that a little bit and share that with others in our community in ways that are not tied specifically to our own homes schools.

We unbox:

  1. Stepping out of our comfort zones to learn and grow

  2. Bringing lessons from STEM program back into our community

  3. Using design thinking

  4. Challenging assumptions in the brainstorming process

  5. Using technology as a tool in the learning process

  6. Infusing mathematics into an art program

  7. Making modifications to a program to make it your own


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