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033 | Combining Empathy and Technology for a Solid Foundation | with Evelyn Van Til

Evelyn Van Til has her fingers in oh so many pies: she’s a cultural architect, she works in apprenticeships as a consultant at Apprenti, and she’s incredibly active in the Central Ohio communities around technology, computer science education, and more.

There is an expectation today that you can use technology, whether or not you see yourself working in tech. From retail, food service, and warehousing logistics to the more obvious careers in tech and cutting-edge innovation that you see at startups, technology simply touches every aspect of work today.

We are seeing transformation at every level, and it’s important that we meet it with a strong foundation to set us up for the future.

We unbox:

  1. The growing expectation of tech literacy

  2. Not compartmentalizing skills

  3. Using technology in business

  4. Meeting people where they are

  5. Thinking of schools as real life

  6. Shifting thinking from graduation metrics to life skills

  7. Everything that makes you unique and why that matters

  8. Shifting your thinking from knowing everything to being a facilitator

  9. Seeing what’s available in the future

  10. The importance of emotional empathy



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