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037 | Preparing for the Next Industrial Revolution, Additive Manufacturing | with Ian Stroop &

Joining us today are two of the Summer Institute’s participants. Mike Kunselman is an Engineering Teacher at the Gahanna Lincoln High School, a 13-year veteran teacher of engineering, and the 2018 Columbus Parent Magazine High School Teacher of the Year. Also joining us Ian Stroop, a first-year student at The Ohio State University, where he is studying Industrial and Systems Engineering.

We are going to talk about additive manufacturing, what some are calling the next industrial revolution. First of all, what exactly is additive manufacturing, and what is so exciting about it? We also talk about the Additive Manufacturing Summer Institute, which was a project between the National Science Foundation ATE Grant Program and Columbus State Community College, the PAST Foundation, along with a lot of collaborators from industry and a variety of educational partners in and around the community.

We unbox:

  1. What is additive manufacturing?

  2. When additive manufacturing became relevant

  3. What students get out of participating

  4. How teaching reinforces learning

  5. Understanding the concepts of additive manufacturing

  6. What we are preparing kids for in the future

  7. Letting kids out into the industry


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