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040 | Stargazer, the Portable Planetarium | with Asis Gonzalez

We are on the road in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, to visit the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, where their mission is to teach through play. Our guest is Asis Gonzalez, the Planetarium Coordinator for the museum.

But Stargazer Planetarium isn’t like any planetarium you’ve seen before — It travels! The Stargazer looks like a giant inflatable balloon, and inside is a movie theater. But instead of a rectangular screen, you get a giant circle window into space. The goal is to get people excited about and invested in their surroundings in a way that traditional schoolwork can’t.

We unbox:

  1. Learning through play

  2. Stargazer, the portable planetarium

  3. How to keep kids’ attention

  4. Creating memorable experiences

  5. How to teach this without access to a planetarium

  6. Grant writing



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