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042 | Girls Who Lead, Pt. 1

This year, the PAST Foundation held our 2nd annual Girls Who Lead Summit. The event focused on giving 120 parents and students an opportunity to explore and try out different STEM skills. For this episode, we wanted to highlight some of the participants at this summit to share some of the incredible things they are doing!

We talk with daughter and father Madison and Edwin Gibbs. Madison works for a local company called Donatos that does amazing things in our community called Donatos, and her father surprised her this morning by showing up at the summit to see what it was all about.

Then we have Sadie Bugnitz is 10 years old who goes to school at Edison. Her mom, Kristin Bugnitz, is a school library media specialist at Tremont Elementary in Upper Arlington. Sadie and her friends decided to make a feminist group in their school and publish a newspaper called The Feminist Gazette to sell around DC.

Last but not least, we talk to Sarah and John Rush, a father and daughter duo here today to talk with us about the world of business and entrepreneurship who had one-on-one conversations with the people who came in for the summit.

We unbox:

  1. Putting positive culture first

  2. Becoming a leader in your community

  3. Facilitating connection

  4. Letting kids pursue their passion

  5. Organizing a newsletter in school

  6. The role of parents in raising leaders



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