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044 | How to Train Teachers to Let Students Lead | with Erika Reeves & Mary Schneider

A school is only as good as its teachers, and how we train our teachers is important. We haven’t talked in depth about how the PAST Foundation trains its teachers, so we’ve brought on two people to talk about what that process is like.

Joining us today is Mary Schneider. Mary is part of the PAST Foundation’s lab team as one of the school design coordinators and comes to us from rural South Dakota. With her is Erika Reeves, coordinator for the Metro’s Early College Bodies Pathway Program at Metro Early College High School.

We’re going to talk about what school design at PAST, which is how we integrate the teachers with what they will be doing in the classroom. We also talk about P3 (problems, projects, products), an online course that introduces teachers into creating coursework and using design thinking.

We unbox:

  1. What P3 Applied is

  2. Educating kids on the job force and what options there are

  3. Creating adaptable programs

  4. Getting teachers into a design thinking mindset

  5. Learning to ask better questions

  6. Letting teachers and students learn by doing

  7. Planning class curriculum

  8. Letting kids learn the terminology from multiple fields



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