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054 | The Fab Foundation: Democratizing Tools for Change | with Sonya Pryor-Jones

Sonya Pryor-Jones is the Chief Implementation Officer for The Fab Foundation, an organization with a mission to provide access to the tools, knowledge, and financial means necessary to educate, innovate, and invent using technology and digital fabrication. Their goal is to allow anyone to make (almost) anything, and the impact they’ve made over the past 10 years is powerful.

The founders of The Fab Foundation wanted to democratize digital fabrication because they saw these technological tools as tools for change — changes in education, changes in opportunity, and changes in social justice. The Fab Lab Network now spans 1,800 labs in over 100 countries around the world, but the Fab Lab Network isn’t just about the machines. They’ve really done a beautiful job, with the help of many others all around the world, in creating a community that makes together, creates together, and challenges each other.

We unbox:

  1. The origins of The Fab Foundation

  2. How The PAST Foundation has seen the difference, first-hand, in communities that have a Fab Lab

  3. What resources are accessible in a Fab Lab

  4. Training teachers and schools to use Fab Lab tools effectively

  5. How you can be part of the Fab Lab community, even if you don’t understand all of the technology

  6. The role of technology and Fab Labs in social justice


  1. Find a Fab Lab near you:

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  3. Support the Fab House project:

  4. Free resources from Fab’s SCOPES Project:

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