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101 | The Student Experience at PAST with Melissa Olvera, Swathi Vudatala, Caleb Buaful, Josiah Nahh

Today, we have a Learning Unboxed takeover. One of our internal colleagues, Javier Cruz, is going to be controlling the host’s mic to lead a conversation discussing student experiences — and what that means in a STEM world. Javier is joined by Melissa Olvera, Swathi Vudatala, Caleb Buaful, and Josiah Nahhas — all former students of our school in residence partner, Metro Early College High School and all former PAST Foundation student program participants — they will share their experience and talk about how PAST has influenced their path moving forward. They discuss how they were each introduced to PAST, what skills they gained there, how they are carrying those skills into their careers, and what they envision as the future of education.

We unbox:

  1. How the students discovered PAST

  2. Skills they’ve picked up

  3. Programs they regret not trying

  4. What the current education system is missing

  5. Read the Transcript


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