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102. Evolving Education in Ireland with Elaine Higgins, Alice D’Arcy & Mark King

Alice D’Arcy has been involved in STEAM Education Ltd. since it was founded in 2014 and now serves as its Managing Director. She’s intimately involved in the development, delivery, and training of all STEAM programs, there.

Elaine Higgins is a Materials Engineering Manager at DePuy Synthes. She leads a technical virtual team involved in engineering and 3D printing.

Mark King is an educator with 19 years of experience working with children in learning environments, presently at the O’Connell Primary School in Dublin.

All three are doing amazing things in the education space, and we’re glad to have them on the show to share their collective approach, findings, and outlook.

We unbox:

  1. What STEAM Education Unlimited does

  2. The benefits for both students and educators

  3. The process of creating learning content

  4. What’s next for education in Ireland



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