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104. Decolonization & Spreading Knowledge of Native Cultures at the Burke Museum | with Alvin L

Dr. Alvin Logan, Jr. is the Director of Education and Affiliate Curator of African Culture and Education at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture from Seattle, Washington. Dr. Logan has a track record of building support systems to catalyze learning from marginalized communities, from middle school to graduate school. His focus is on culturally relevant pedagogical approaches, decolonization, and multicultural curriculum development.

The Burke Museum is the State of Washington’s Natural History and Culture Museum. It has been around for 130 years and has deep roots in the community. It was founded by the wife of Thomas Burke, who collected native art and the stories that go with that — the good and bad. And it’s now grown into a significant cornerstone for research, teaching, and community building. It has become a hub in the Northwest for learning about, teaching, and understanding natural culture and history.

STEM typically has a Eurocentric or Western perspective. However, Dr. Logan and the Burke Museum are striving to share the ecological knowledge of indigenous peoples and make it known to the world.

We unbox:

  1. What the Burke Museum’s role is

  2. Getting students focused on decolonialism

  3. Building philosophy into your teaching

  4. Using the pandemic to imagine a different system



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