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105. Promoting Equality & Justice | with Theresa Collins, Chris Thinnes & Kavan Yee

We continue our discussion of progressive education by exploring equality and justice. Joining us are three experts in the progressive education movement.

Theresa Collins has 27 years of experience teaching high school English, she was past president of the Progressive Education Network, and she is now co-director of the National Institute of Progressive Education.

Kavan Yee is the director of Middle School at Lowell School and has served in a variety of former roles, including middle school science teacher, science curriculum coordinator, director of middle school and student life.

Chris Thinnes is a veteran, independent school-leader, an active collaborator with educators and activists from the public and private sectors, and an engaged public school parent.

Together, they consider the role that progressive education will play in the future of our society, the value of making connections with students, and the responsibility that educators face in shaping the way forward.

We unbox:

  1. What progressive education is

  2. The opportunities in progressive education

  3. Being a citizen of a global community

  4. What’s next for the education system



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