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106. Entrepreneurship & Startup Culture for Transformation with Jasmine De Gaia & Kristy C

We continue our conversation on digital transformation, this time focusing on growing startups and fostering entrepreneurship as a component of transformation.

Jasmine de Gaia is currently the Head of Customer Data Strategy for Wells Fargo and previously was Executive Director of Transformation at JP Morgan Chase & Co. She has over 20 years of experience in building and leading innovative digital and agile organizations. She’s returning from being featured on the previous two components of this series. Joining her is Kristy Campbell, who leads operations for Rev1 Ventures, an investor startup studio that provides strategic services and capital to help startups scale and corporations innovate.

The education system still has a very distinct divide between business and technology disciplines. We talk about breaking down the silos between them and embracing technology and innovation in the work that educators do.

We unbox:

  1. Why startups and entrepreneurship are important to education

  2. Providing support for entrepreneurs

  3. The importance of early feedback and iteration

  4. Influencing the next generation to be successful and innovative


Now available as Audio, Video, or as a written Transcript

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