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112. The Future of Media in Education at WOSU with Amy Palermo

Today we’re talking about the WOSU classroom. WOSU is a public media station that hosts everything from radio stations, to TV stations, to digital broadcasts, as well as, of course, classrooms. They take kids from birth to 12th grade, offering programs for kids, caregivers, families, teachers, and more. They offer a holistic learning experience with the goal of creating as many touch points as possible along the way.

Amy Palermo is the chief of content for education at WOSU Public Media, where she leads a team of educators dedicated to helping children learn. She began her educational career in Texas, where she perfected the poetic application of “y’all” and developed a love of sweet tea.

It’s easy to forget that, in addition to our traditional school-based learning, kids are engaging with content from a variety of sources and each of them play a role in educating them and their worldview. There’s so much opportunity in meeting them where they are and providing educational materials that integrate into kids’ lives.

We unbox:

  1. What WOSU is and how it feeds into education

  2. Finding the unintentional opportunities to learn

  3. The new opportunities available to us post-pandemic

  4. Exploring difficult topics through media

  5. The challenges of returning to the way life was


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