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113. A Positive Outlook on Education Reform with Steve Shapiro

Steve Shapiro is a veteran educator of 32 years. He has taught sixth grade through graduate school, primarily as a high school teacher and school reformer.

Our education system was built hundreds of years ago. To say the world has changed a lot since then is an understatement. More than just the adoption of computers in the classroom, there were no cars or even radios. And yet, very little about our educational structure has changed to prepare students for the world we are releasing them into. That’s what school reform is all about.

It can be a loaded term for many people. If you’re a traditional teacher, the phrase “school reform” can even feel accusatory. We unbox what it actually means and explore why it has more to do with understanding the different ways that kids learn, the ways adults teach, and what the world needs from its education system.

We unbox:

  1. What school reform means

  2. Showing kids an alternative path

  3. Convincing parents of the value

  4. What Mosaic is and how it educates kids and adults alike



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