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117. Building Out the School to STEM Pipeline with Frederic Bertley of COSI

How can we effectively, as a community, create STEM pipelines for our local businesses and industries? And how can we make sure that effort spreads well beyond the local community?

Frederic Bertley is President and CEO of The Center of Science and Industry (or COSI as it’s known colloquially).

Our current K-12 system is woefully inadequate at preparing children for the world they are growing into. Without a solid STEM background, we are not going to solve the massive problems of our future. We unbox how we can ensure children are going to get the education they need to set them – and our communities – up for success.

We unbox:

  1. The work that COSI does

  2. COSI’s contribution towards the future

  3. The importance of engaging our curiosity

  4. How kids can save the world

  5. Rethinking the opportunity of teaching and learning



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