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119. Combining Education & Entrepreneurial Skills for Success with Nik Kafka

What happens when social enterprise meets education and opportunity? A whole lot of good.

Nik Kafka is the Chief Executive and Founder of Teach A Man To Fish, a charity he founded after leaving a successful banking career. He discovered an innovative school in Paraguay that was aiming not only to teach the poor how to become rural entrepreneurs, but to do so as a self-financing enterprise. He helped transform the school and turn it into a replicable model which turned into Teach A Man To Fish.

We hear all the time about what isn’t working in our education system – and yet there are examples of successful models out there in the world. We need to learn to capture what they are doing right and replicate them as possible in a variety of ways.

We unbox:

  1. The birth of a nonprofit

  2. What Teach A Man To Fish does

  3. The ins and outs of the School Enterprise Challenge program

  4. Facilitating a learning ecosystem

  5. What the future holds for Teach A Man To Fish



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