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122. Teaching Forensic Science in Elementary School

As the new academic year gets ready to start, we’re going to have a conversation about some of the amazing science programs that are happening in and around our community. Today we’re taking a look at a program at the Ohio State University called WOW (Wonders of Our World), which brings creative, hands-on science experiments to elementary school classrooms grades K through five.

Leading that conversation is Jessica Caton Diefenbach, the WOW Program Coordinator for the last five years at the Ohio State University. Joining Jessica are two third year Ohio State students who have been participating in the WOW Program for a number of years, Brianna Agomessou and Grace Benecke.

We talk about teaching forensic science to young students, how to approach them at their level, sparking an interest in science, and setting up next steps for the students we inspire.

We unbox:

  1. The history and background of WOW

  2. Studying forensic science with young students

  3. Distilling complex topics into elementary-level learning

  4. Introducing kids to science

  5. The components of a forensic science unit

  6. Next steps for inspired students



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