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133. Designing Education for the Real World with Vivian Shen of Juni Learning

We know that the traditional education system doesn’t work for most people, but rarely do people set out to come up with solutions on their own. We’ve explored a few previously on the show, and we’re going to talk about another innovative online education platform that’s making waves and changing lives.

Vivian Shen is the founder of Juni Learning. She always had an interest in classes and topics that traditional schools didn’t offer. As she grew up, and learned to code, she found that she often felt insecure in the learning environments she was presented with. Instead, she thrived in personalized settings. In 2017 she set out to create the school experience she wished she had, offering 1:1 teaching and igniting a passion for learning among all students, regardless of their interests.

We dive into what subjects give students the most value throughout their lives, how Juni is doing things differently from the traditional school system, and how to prepare kids for the real world.

We unbox:

  1. What inspired Vivian to create Juni Learning

  2. Why it’s important to focus on computer science

  3. What educators think about Juni Learning

  4. How Vivian decides what subjects to cover at Juni

  5. How public speaking aids kids’ futures

  6. Scaling opportunities for students



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