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134. Democratizing Digital Mentorship with Angelica Estevez & Rania Ajami

As always on this podcast, we’re excited to have conversations about innovative opportunities for students, for schools, and in this case, for professionals as well. In this episode, we cover a new program called Mentor Ship.

Joining the conversation is Rania Ajami, an award-winning filmmaker and founder of several successful entities and organizations centered around creating modern programming for students. With Rania is Angelica Estevez, an attorney and legal counsel.

Mentor Ship is an interactive learning platform that connects children with experts from around the world, bringing together changemakers and thought leaders in the areas of survival skills, climate change, space, artificial intelligence, archeology, health and wellbeing, arts, and more.

We talk about the struggles of getting buy-in on the idea, from experts to students to schools, how the pandemic has proved the worthiness of a platform like this, and how digital learning can be a great supplement to traditional schools.

We unbox:

  1. How Mentor Ship came to be and how it works

  2. Getting schools and communities involved

  3. Bridging the gap between expertise and teaching ability

  4. Exposing kids to further possibilities



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