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135. Accelerating Innovation Within Your Community with Michael Dennis of CAS

Michael W. Dennis is the Vice President of Legal, PMO, and Innovation for CAS. He earned his PhD in biochemistry from the Ohio State University, and JD from Capital University. In this episode, we discuss the advancement of individual communities on a global scale.

CAS is looking to make science and data accessible across the globe, fueling innovation, curating information, and advancing scientific progress. We explore what it means to innovate at a community level, how CAS is contributing to that, and how you can take charge in your own area.

We unbox:

  1. How CAS aggregates and curates science to make it more discoverable

  2. The opportunities at the overlap of K-12 and business

  3. Community involvement and improvement

  4. Taking ideas to scale

  5. How to meaningfully move forward in our communities



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