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137. Creating Equality Through Access to Educational Media with Dr. Jose Morey

This week, we’re talking about diversity and inclusion as it relates to the STEM fields and how we can continue working towards a more inclusive industry. 

Dr. Jose Morey is an MD known as the first “intergalactic doctor.” He’s also a leader in technology and innovation, and the founder and CEO of Ad Astra Media, a STEAM edutainment company that provides role models and educational content to encourage more diversity in STEM and STEAM fields. 

We talk about Dr. Morey’s approach to media education, why it’s so important for kids to see themselves in the careers they pursue, and how this content is being integrated with the traditional education landscape.

We unbox:

  1. What it means to be the first intergalactic doctor

  2. Why Ad Astra Media approaches diversity through media and entertainment

  3. Making content that’s applicable to the classroom



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