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140. Helping Kids Make Healthy Food Choices with Rachel Shreve of Cooking with Kids

Today, we’re joined by Rachel Shreve, from Cooking with Kids to talk about nutrition, healthy foods, and the lifelong learning experiences that can take place between kids and their families as they learn how to cook, eat, and be in a happy and joyous relationship with food.

The program Cooking with Kids is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization based in Northern New Mexico. It was founded in 1995 and is dedicated to educating and empowering children and families to make healthy food choices through hands-on learning with fresh, affordable ingredients.

Rachel Shreve has been involved in Cooking with Kids since 2006, first as an educator and most recently as Communications Director. She has a passion for cooking and a love of education as well as years of experience teaching hands-on cooking classes with elementary students. She joins us to talk about what the program is up to, why it’s so important, and what you can do to get food education in your community.

We unbox:

  1. Why Cooking with Kids is so important

  2. The barriers keeping families from eating healthy

  3. What makes Cooking with Kids so unique

  4. The learning benefits of cooking



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