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141. Developing a New Generation of Environmental Stewards with Megan Karch

Learning Unboxed 141 with megan Karch

They offer a variety of immersive programs throughout the Seattle region to help children, educators, and community members deepen their understanding of the world around them. By exploring important environmental issues, they’re empowered to see the impact of their actions in local communities and on the planet.

Megan Karch, our guest today, has been the CEO of IslandWood since 2018. She sees, and tells us all about, the magic in the science and intention brought to the project. We talk about the importance of this kind of work, how it opens kids up to seeing the significance of the natural world, and how those without access to IslandWood can replicate its lessons in their own backyard.

We unbox:

  1. The mission of IslandWood

  2. Taking environmental education to your own backyard

  3. The intersection of social justice and environmentalism

  4. Structuring a graduate program

  5. Taking advantage of the assets in your community

  6. Creating access for more kids and educators



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