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143. How Kids Can Become Inventors with Dominic Wilcox & Mark Muzzin

Little Inventors is a creative education organization that inspires imagination by taking young peoples’ amazing ideas seriously. Dominic Wilcox is a British artist and designer who creates innovative and thought provoking work that is shown in galleries and museums across the world, as well as the founder of Little Inventors. Mark Muzzin is a K-12 STEM consultant for the Macomb Intermediate School District. He loves to develop new initiates, collaborate, and leverage his experience to empower others. Together, they share how kids can learn to think of themselves as inventors and the synergy that comes when working together with teachers and engineers to come up with innovative programming.

We unbox:

  1. The story behind Little Inventors

  2. Giving kids a sense of agency

  3. How schools can shake things up

  4. Getting schools to buy into an ambitious new program

  5. Balancing open source and formal education


Learning Unboxed is produced, in part, by Crate Media.


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