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148. Learning About Nature is in Our Nature with Jess Kaknevicius

How do we create good stewards of Mother Nature from a young age and give our kids a well-rounded education—while having fun? Jessica Kaknevicius is the Vice President of Education at Sustainable Forestry Initiative where she leads the initiative to advance environmental literacy, stewardship, and pathways to green careers. She also leads and directs Project Learning Tree. Sustainable Forestry Initiative is all about the broad aspect of sustainability but approaches it through the lens of forestry. Teachers often don’t have the resources or permission to get their kids outdoors and learning in a natural environment, so anything that helps with that is a huge win.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  1. The mission of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative

  2. Exploring the benefits of trees and forests

  3. How the pandemic has affected outdoor education

  4. Bringing programs to your community

  5. Learning from indigenous communities


Learning Unboxed is produced, in part, by Crate Media.


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