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153. Getting Real-World Career Education Though Pathway Programs with Erika Reeves & Shirish Pa

One of the main goals of education is to prepare our kids for the future, and that often means preparing them for a career. A great way to do that is through internships, capstones, and mentoring programs. Erika Reeves is the Bodies Early College Experience Coordinator at Metro Early College High School, who we’ve spoken with on the podcast before. She’s joined by a student, Shirish Parasa, who has been participating in the Bodies program this past year and gave an incredible capstone presentation. Together, they talk about the benefits of early work education programs and how they can give more opportunities to kids.

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We unbox:

  1. What the Bodies Learning Center is

  2. Embedding children in the research process

  3. How students connect with what they learn and experience

  4. Thinking about the role of the mentor

  5. Meeting the needs of each individual student



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