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155. Preparing Kids Emotionally for the Workplace with Marie Gervais

Original summarization of the episode. Greet the reader and/or introduce the guest. Preview the person’s area of expertise, qualifications, accomplishments, or hook for being on the show. One sentence to connect relevant subject matter to the audience. Consider finishing with a list rounding out other included topics. Quick sign-off CTA. Educational, open-minded tone.

Part of our core philosophy at Learning Unboxed and the PAST Foundation is how the current educational system fails to prepare students for the future of work. We spend a lot of time focused on the educational aspect of that, but we rarely get a chance to dive into the workplace.

Marie Gervais is the CEO of SHIFT Management, which specializes in helping supervisors learn to lead with confidence by developing their people skills and supporting their teams in meeting business objectives effectively. We discuss the ways in which we consider how the workplace and education relate to each other and their futures.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  1. What it means to participate in the workforce

  2. The diversity of the workplace and how to work collaboratively

  3. Giving workers a sense of purpose

  4. The importance of emotional regulation

  5. Bringing students into your passions



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