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171. Getting Hands-On Animal Education at Your Local Zoo with Rebecca Morningstar

Rebecca Morningstar has been teaching animal science and zoo management courses at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan since 2013.

Potter Park Zoo is going above and beyond the minimum requirements to provide the highest possible welfare for its animals, employees, and guests. Its mission is to inspire conservation of animals and the natural world. And people can’t make a difference in the world if they don’t know the issues or what they can do to help.

We dive into how Potter Park Zoo is getting kids engaged with learning about animals and conservation, as well as introducing other learning opportunities along the way. She shares what students are doing in these experiences, how she makes the hard decision on what topics to cover and what to leave out, and how you can partner with your local zoos in your own area.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • The mission of Potter Park Zoo

  • Offering educational opportunities through hands-on animal experiences

  • Getting kids involved in the conversation around conservation

  • Bringing local zoo organization into your own innovative program


Mentioned in this episode:

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