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181. The Future of Fiber Optics: Exploring Career Paths in Fusion Splicing w/ Wesley, Quin & Patrick

Today's episode is a special takeover, hosted by Ibrahim Aly, a Metro High School junior participant in the PAST Foundation's Workforce Development Program. Ibrahim previously joined us on episode 165 to talk about using internships to encourage STEM careers, and we're thrilled to have him back to lead the conversation about fusion splicing.

A panel of experts will join Ibrahim to discuss this exciting field. Pat Stichter, the hyper-scale trainer from Sumitomo, brings years of experience in the industry. Quin Jernigan, the economic workforce development manager from Amazon Web Services, will discuss the career opportunities available in this field and the skills needed to succeed. Wesley Olinger, the division manager from Team Fishel, will share his perspective on the importance of workforce development and training in this industry. Together, this panel will provide a comprehensive overview of fusion splicing and its potential as a career path. Join us as we learn more about this fascinating field and what it takes to succeed in it.

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We unbox:

  • What fusion splicing is and what it has to do with Amazon’s data centers

  • What skills are essential to success in the fusion splicing industry

  • The things students can do today to get ready to enter this field


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