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183. Transforming Education with an Eye For Sustainability with Trevor Soponis

Dr. Trevor Soponis is the Founder and Chief Learning Officer of The Sustainable Learning Projects, a lifelong education professional with experience in leading transformative education projects. The purpose of The Sustainable Learning Projects is to provide students with meaningful work that is relevant to their lives and to provide teachers with the curriculum and support they need to make their lives easier. He is focused on having students, teachers, and schools tackle meaningful real-world problems. We talk about the projects that he has worked on, how programs like this can scale, and how a part of their program, Project Student Voice, allows students to customize their curriculum around their passions.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • Why the Sustainable Learning Projects exist and what they do

  • Creating models for programs that work and scaling them

  • Project Student Voice and providing opportunities for students to share their voice


Produced by Nova Media


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