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184. Unlocking Essential Skills with Fab Labs: A Deep Dive with Michael Stone

Welcome to today's episode of Learning Unboxed! In this episode, we're excited to have an incredible conversation with our guest, Michael Stone, from the Public Education Foundation, based in Tennessee. Michael has an impressive career journey, including being an Albert Einstein Educator Fellow with the National Science Foundation and spending 10 years as a high school mathematics and computer science teacher. In his current role, he's led the development of the largest school-based Fab Lab network in the world through the Volkswagen e-Lab.

We dive deep into the impact of maker spaces and fabrication spaces on education, emphasizing the importance of teaching essential skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving. We explore the opportunities for meaningful learning in schools through Fab Labs and discuss the importance of tracking essential skills and technical proficiencies in student learning.

Michael shares his insights on an app called Fabfolio, designed to track these skills. He also recounts a story of how a history teacher incorporated a project involving a 3D printer, leading to an epiphany for two students who had never seen themselves in the lab before.

Join us to learn more about the importance of tracking data to refine educational models and make more informed choices as we scale across the country and the world. Don't miss out on this fascinating conversation, and be sure to reach out to Michael if you're inspired by his work. Check out the Fab Labs website and Fabfolio app for further exploration.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • The transformative role of Fab Labs in education and skill development

  • Addressing the future workforce needs through essential skills and hands-on learning experiences

  • The Fabfolio app: tracking student skills and refining educational models


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