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188. The Power of Intercultural Interactions:

The Story of Na'atik School's Immersive Learning Experiences with Catherine Gray

Welcome to another episode of Learning Unboxed, where we dive into the innovative and transformative world of education. Today, we're thrilled to have Catherine Gray, the founder of Na'atik School in Mexico. Na'atik is an intercultural school that has been disrupting traditional education models by blending local and foreign learning experiences for over 12 years.

In this episode, Catherine discusses the evolution and mission of Na'atik, an institution that provides subsidized English classes to local and indigenous students in Felipe Carrillo Puerto Mexico while also offering language and cultural immersion experiences for foreign students. She shares her journey of growing Na'atik into an intercultural hub, granting scholarships to local students and inviting foreign students to learn Mexican Spanish and Yucatec Maya.

We delve into the power and importance of authentic intercultural interactions, how they can revolutionize traditional education systems, and their role in providing immersive, free-form, and free-flowing learning experiences. Catherine takes us through the unique dynamics of immersive learning at Na'atik, where adults from around the world are often taught by children, thus fostering a bi-directional learning environment.

Join us for this enlightening conversation to understand how learning experiences can be enriched through intercultural immersion and how such models can positively disrupt traditional views on education.

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We unbox:

  • Catherine's journey as the founder of Na'atik School in Mexico

  • The unique intercultural model of Na'atik School

  • The importance of authentic intercultural interactions in education

  • The role of immersive, free-form, and free-flowing learning experiences at Na'atik School

  • The unique dynamics of immersive learning where adults are often taught by children

  • Challenges faced by Catherine in her journey, including economic difficulties and gaining community trust

  • The role of authenticity, trust, and respect for local culture in education


Produced by Nova Media


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