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191. The Transformational Power of Montessori Education

Tessa Wessels of Casa Bilingual Montessori

In this episode of Learning Unboxed, we dive deep into the world of Montessori education and its transformative potential. Our special guest is Tessa Wessels, founder of Casa Bilingual Montessori. Tessa opens up about her personal journey, from her upbringing in apartheid South Africa to creating an educational environment that nurtures critical and independent thinking in the Netherlands.

Join us as we explore the distinguishing features of Tessa's school, such as its all-day, all-year program, and its core focus on individual personal development. Tessa expounds on the Montessori principles, from fostering an environment that meets a child's developmental needs to guiding older children towards self-reflection and independent thinking.

Discover the unique challenges and rewards of adopting a Montessori education model. We discuss the diversity and continuous learning philosophy of the staff at Casa Bilingual Montessori, Tessa's frustration over the perceived lack of curiosity from traditional schools, and her efforts to demonstrate the effectiveness of alternative teaching methods.

Finally, we discuss the transition of students from Casa to conventional high schools, touching on the strengths and concerns that arise from their different learning experience. Tune in to explore how Montessori education is redefining what school is and why it matters.

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We unbox:

  • How Tessa founded Casa Bilingual Montessori

  • The Montessori approach to education and how it benefits children

  • The future education path for students beyond Montessori school


Produced by Nova Media


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