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205. Evolving Education: A Vision for Change in the AI Era with Bill Daggett

In this episode of Learning Unboxed, we are honored to have a conversation with Dr. Bill Daggett, a pioneer in education reform, the founder of the Successful Practices Network and the International Center for Leadership in Education, and a renowned author on education. We dive deep into the evolution of transformative education, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the challenges and opportunities it presents in the age of artificial intelligence.

Dr. Daggett shares his invaluable insights on the changing student profile, the urgent need for educational reform, and the strategies to overcome resistance and implement change. We explore the long-term impact of these changes, discuss the importance of community involvement, and reflect on the shift in skill valuation and employment trends.

Join us in unboxing Dr. Daggett’s visionary strategies, his aspirations for future education, the importance of innovation, and the role of creativity and elective programs in fostering a holistic educational environment.

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We unbox:

  • The changing student profile and behavioral changes

  • The urgent need for educational reform and implementation challenges

  • Strategies for change and long-term impact

  • Involvement of parents and students and assessment critiques

  • Shift in skill valuation and the importance of creativity and elective programs

  • Dr. Daggett’s future aspirations, innovation, and visualization in education


Produced by NOVA Media


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