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214. Beyond the Classroom: Bridging Education and Employment with Kelly Cassaro

In this episode of Learning Unboxed, we explore the transformative power of workforce development in education with Kelly Cassaro, Chief of Learning at Generation. Generation is a remarkable nonprofit that trains adults for careers that were previously out of reach, helping to foster economic mobility on a global scale.

Kelly shares the groundbreaking methodologies of Generation, which aligns job readiness training with employer needs, ensuring that graduates are not just educated but truly prepared for the workforce. We delve into their unique approach, which includes comprehensive training programs, strong mentorship, and a focus on both technical and behavioral skills.

Join us as we discuss Kelly's insights on bridging the gap between education and employment, her upcoming book 'Shift Teaching Forward,' and the crucial role of social-emotional skills in the classroom. This episode is a must-listen for educators, policymakers, and anyone interested in the future of work and education.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • Generation’s unique workforce development approach

  • The challenges and innovations in modern employment

  • Effective curriculum design strategies

  • The integration of social-emotional skills in education

  • Insights from Kelly Cassaro's upcoming book 'Shift Teaching Forward'


Produced by NOVA Media


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