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216. Inclusivity in STEM: Culturally Relevant Learning with Meagan Naraine

In this episode of Learning Unboxed, we have the pleasure of hosting Meagan Naraine, the co-founder of Culturally Relevant Science (CRS). CRS is an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to making STEM education more inclusive and engaging for underrepresented groups. Founded as a YouTube channel during the pandemic, CRS has grown significantly, offering a range of educational resources that combine rigorous learning with elements of pop culture and entertainment.

Meagan shares the inspiring story behind CRS, starting from its humble beginnings with simple equipment to creating animated videos featuring Black male teachers and students from diverse backgrounds. The content is crafted to be culturally relevant, resonating with students through familiar dialects, clothing, and current trends. She also discusses the expansion of CRS from individual videos to complete course materials, aiming to support teachers and enhance student engagement throughout the school year.

Tune in to learn about the challenges and successes of Culturally Relevant Science, and how Meagan and her team are revolutionizing STEM education by emphasizing relatability and inclusivity. Discover the impact of CRS’s approach on students' understanding and confidence in science, and how they're making a difference in classrooms around the world.

To learn more, visit:

We unbox:

  • The inception and evolution of Culturally Relevant Science (CRS) as an innovative educational resource

  • The significance of culturally relevant content in engaging underrepresented students in STEM

  • The impact of CRS's approach on student engagement and understanding in science

  • Challenges and learning experiences in developing and implementing CRS in educational settings

  • Future goals and aspirations of CRS in promoting equity in STEM education


Produced by NOVA Media


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